About Barak Mazor


Barak Mazor (Baraka Art) has become a prominent name for events in Sydney and Melbourne. This inspiring designer and producer has created and staged some of the most creative interactive events for community organizations, schools, synagogues, Bat and Bar mitzvahs simchas special events and parties over the decades.

“It’s in my blood.” Barak explains, “From a young age I was always bringing creative people together to put on and celebrate special events, creative Activities and amazing shows”.

Born in Jerusalem in 1976 and raised in Israel, Barak, from the age of 7, started creating parties with his friends in bomb shelters around where they lived.

Barak’s creative contribution shifted the focus of life in a war torn country. “For me it was the beginning of what I have expanded upon now. Our bomb shelter parties were always big parties and brought many of us closer together in the shared experience”.

As a teenager, Barak started putting on dance parties and festivals around Israel

In 1999 he started his creative interactive company, Baraka Art, in Old Jaffa, Israel.

With his unique creative concepts and themed events, Barak gathered many technical and creative people and together they developed festivals, inspired events, arts and craft workshops special shows and enthralling entertainment nourished in group interactions in pursuit of creative shared experiences.

“Extending into the corporate world transforming spectators into participants was quite the challenge” but Barak quickly adapted his concepts and enjoyed a blue chip roster of clients including HP, Microsoft, Coca Cola, Streets, Motorola, Honda, Nokia and many more.

In 2004 Barak relocated to Sydney to join his family already living in Australia.

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